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Chase Bank Talks LGBT

Posted on: July 16, 2014

Like many companies, Chase bank has been circulating a questionnaire for its employees. Typical questions include workflow, office culture, whether they feel challenged, etc. Recently however, one anonymous employee brought forth a question on the questionnaire that seemed oddly out of place. The question asked employees whether or not they were in alliance with the LGBT community.

The question left many employees frustrated and confused as to why this topic was relevant to their career. How would their answers affect the bank on any level? Chase responded that the survey wasn’t a requirement for employees; however, it was strongly suggested by management to better understand the company culture.

This event raises a lot of issues on how companies are classifying and monitoring diversity in the office. The employee that brought this issue to the public reported that those who have outwardly identified themselves as part of the LGBT community are often seen as cliquey and held to different standards. Whether intentional or not, the questionnaire has certainly created a clear divide.

If this questionnaire really was intended to show how diverse Chase is, it’s doing a bad job of creating unity within that diversity. Rather than finding a way to unite the company’s employees, it is instead acting as a divider between them, leaving everyone frustrated. Regardless, it will definitely spark future conversations regarding what employers can and cannot ask, how diversity within the workplace is tracked, and ultimately reopen the issue of how anyone can truly define diversity.


1 Response to "Chase Bank Talks LGBT"

I was an employee of Chase at the Inkster Branch in Inkster MI and soon after I completed this survey and told exactly how I felt about the company and my location, I was fired. Seemed to me that they searched for any reason to let me go.. Myself, a single mother of 4 children was a dedicated worker, in a development plan for a promotion, as well as a customer, was shocked to be fired as a result of a teller error and a miscount of a tray of quarters a month prior. I have been trying to fight for unemployment benefits with no success. . Needless to say, I wouldnt recommend Chase Bank to anyone for a place of employment or banking needs.

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