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US Ambassador Daniel Baer Marries Husband

Posted on: August 5, 2014

The United States Ambassador to the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe has married his partner Brian Walsh, Baer began the fourth openly gay person in a state department emissary role when he came into the position back in September. He is the seventh openly gay person appointed by President Obama.

Said Baer in a tweet, “So, I got married this morning. Thank you @BarackObama @HilaryClinton &@JohnKerry for your commitment to equality.”



Baer and his now-husband Brian Walsh married in Vienna, Austria surrounded by friends and family.

Many European countries, such as Austria, do not currently permit gay marriage, however civil partnerships are allowed. The Advocate is reporting that Baer returned to the United States to receive a marriage license, presumably in Massachusetts where he is also a professor at Harvard University.

The Advocate also reported that the marriage took place in the garden of Baer and Walsh’s home in Vienna. If true, he was married in the officla residence of the US Mission, which would be US federal territory, where the US federal government also doesn’t allow for same-sex marriage.


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