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Pro-LGBT Rights: The Growing Trend In The Republican Party

Posted on: October 24, 2014

According to the latest exit polls, 25-35% of gay voters routinely vote Republican, stunning democrats gay and straight alike. It’s been a slow yet steady rise in the Republican support for LGBT rights, specifically same-sex marriage. Another recent poll by Project Right Side shows that for every Republican that has said they have become more opposed to same-sex marriage, there are two that become more supportive of it. In just the last three years alone there has been an eleven point increase in support for marriage rights for same-sex couples among the GOP, allowing for a seven point drop in those opposed to legal recognition.

LGBT flag

On the congressional side, eight Republicans support same-sex marriage, and in 2014, there are ten Republican candidates that support marriage equality. Just recently, we’d written about Carl DeMaio, who is currently running for San Diego’s 52nd Congressional District. DeMaio, a Republican, squares off against Scott Peters, and has had big names in the LGBT community support him, including CEO and founder of Elliott Management Corporation Paul Singer, and a former campaign manager for president George Bush, Ken Mehlman. Both have made contributions to the Equality Leadership Fund, which even included the political action committee The Log Cabin Republicans.

The Log Cabin Republicans have a tremendous amount pull within the GOP, where in August Mimi Planas, The President of the LCR Miami Chapter, was selected for the “2014 Most Active GOP Club President Award”, after she organized and sponsored a summit with Governor Rick Scott’s Office. Planas took her own same-sex wedding vows in 2014, and has garnered tremendous attention for her endorsement of Republican Governor Rick Scott’s reelection campaign.

Many gay and lesbian people feel compelled to vote Democrat, and despite the growing amount of support for same-sex marriage and gay rights among the GOP, it isn’t enough to sway many gay voters. While the Republicans are slowly making progressive statements and are having more supportive candidates, it’ll only when they are truly inclusive in their standings of LGBT rights that gay and LGBT supporters can finally vote Republican without feeling as if they are betraying the community.



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