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Holiday Gift Ideas for Gender Nonconforming Kids

Posted on: December 16, 2014

When it comes to gift giving, you want to give a child something they really want, and not just what the toy industry thinks is appropriate for young boys and girls. Gifts are supposed to add to a child’s happiness, regardless of what kind of toy it is you find for them. This holiday season, step outside of the box for the young people in your life. If a younger sibling, coworker’s child, or cousin’s preference for playthings doesn’t fit the over-gender-stereotyped marketing of toys, even better. Holiday-Girl

If you’re having trouble finding a gift for a gender nonconforming child, first, ask the parents. Chances are they know exactly what their child wants most, (even if that means the kid wants a pink Barbie Porsche). If you don’t feel comfortable getting mass-produced toys because you don’t want to support that industry, opt for supporting local toymakers or secondhand stores, which often carry quirky, fun toys that are in good condition.

Toys shape the way a child sees the world, so it follows that stereotyping play limits a child’s growth. Consider finding a toy that stimulates creativity, hands-on learning, teamwork, social skills and problem solving. Some ideas include building toys, puzzles, board games, musical toys, stuffed animals and even science kits. There’s always the option of getting the child something that they can create with, such as art supplies and kits.

If you don’t want to get a toy, you can never go wrong with a book. Reading stimulates a child’s imagination and opens them to new worlds, ideas and understanding. Every child should have a well-stocked library. You can do an Internet search for best books for children by age or ask your local bookseller. Best of all, there are now tons of books out there for gender nonconforming children!

This holiday season, beware of the gendered marketing of toys. There’s usually a pink aisle and a blue aisle at stores, but try to find a local shop where toys are more likely to be grouped by play category. The same caveat applies to online shopping. May your holiday shopping be merry and bright.


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