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Out on the Street Holds 2nd Annual Asian Summit

Posted on: December 19, 2014

The second annual Out on the Street Summit saw hundreds of senior LGBT and ally business leaders from across Asia convene in Hong Kong. Hosted by Stuart Gulliver, the Group Chief Executive of HSBC, the global LGBT business advisory firm Out Leadership brought together executives from leading financial institutions to share ideas and discuss issues vital to LGBT equality. lgbt-out-on-the-street

Gulliver began the December 9 summit with a keynote speech addressing the opportunities that LGBT equality creates for business. Said Gulliver, “There are sounds business reasons for promoting diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace but this is more than just financial return—we need to do this because it’s right.”

Todd Sears, the founder and principal of Out Leadership, introduced new data drawn from the organization’s research detailing how ally executives can drive change for LGBT employees within their companies, teams, and industries.

“We already know that senior LGBT leaders are most likely to be out at work when their peer executives identify and act as allies, and we know that diverse teams come to market more creatively,” said Sears. “We’re in Hong Kong today to share actionable insights with today’s leaders of the financial services industry so they can help build the infrastructure that will allow tomorrow’s executives – on every continent – to pursue their highest and best uses, instead of expending valuable time and energy hiding their true selves.”

Founded in 2011, Out on the Street is comprised of 28 member organizations such as Bank of America, Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, KKR and HSBC. The organization looks to connect leaders across the world’s most influential industries to create business opportunities and cultivate new talent and drive LGBT equality forward.

Ken Mehlman, member of KKR, was recently appointed to Out Leadership’s Global Advisory Board. Said Mehlman:

“My time in business and government convinces me that teams with a broader array of voices are better equipped to address our complex world. I’m proud to stand with the other members of the Global Advisory Board in support of Out Leadership’s important work, driving business and equality forward hand-in-hand.”

For more information about the work that the organization does to leverage professional opportunities for LGBT people, visit Out Leadership’s official website.


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