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Oral Arguments for Marriage Equality before the Supreme Court to Commence Soon

Posted on: April 27, 2015

Ever since the United States Supreme Court announced that it would review the freedom to marry back in January, gay and lesbian people and their allies have been waiting anxiously for April 28 to arrive. Very soon, the Supreme Court will hear arguments about whether anti-marriage laws nationwide should be struck down as unconstitutional, and its verdict could change the course of history for gay and lesbian people in America forever.

If the Supreme Court rules that anti-marriage laws are in fact unconstitutional, it will mean that all same-sex couples will finally have the freedom to marry in the United States. Naturally, this has been a very encouraging prospect for marriage equality activists, and as the opening arguments date draws closer, the fight for marriage equality has never felt so momentous.

Everyone from authors to athletes to politicians and public figures have weighed in on marriage equality over the last few years, and many have predicted its inevitability. From a legal standpoint, even lawyers in conservative states like Miami, Florida-based attorney Kendall Coffey have been anticipating the certainty of marriage equality for Gay Marriagesome time now. “Same-sex marriage is unstoppable,” Coffey surmised back in a 2013 segment on Newsmax.

Now, these early conjectures have never felt more significant as support for marriage equality in America continues to grow. Freedom To Marry recently reported that on Friday, April 17, plaintiffs in the marriage cases that will soon be heard before the Supreme Court filed their reply briefs, explaining why marriage matters. This filing of reply briefs brings us just one step closer to the oral arguments scheduled for later this month.

Freedom To Marry also points out the overall significance of the Supreme Court intervention, explaining, “The national strategy to win marriage for same-sex couples has always focused on a final victory at the U.S. Supreme Court. In the past year alone, there have been 65 rulings in favor of marriage for same-sex couples – clearly demonstrating that the country is read and that the age-old arguments against the freedom to marry simply don’t survive judicial review.”

April 28 marks a historic day in the lives of gay and lesbian people in America. For more information about what to expect from the upcoming Supreme Court hearing, be sure to check out this excellent resource from Freedom To Marry.


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