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Brilliant Apps for LGBT Travelers

Posted on: December 14, 2015

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

LGBT travelers can sometimes face scary experiences – especially if they’re using services such as Airbnb, NightSwapping, or CouchSurfing to stay in stranger’s homes. The apps are indeed great for getting a taste of affordable local living, but travelers are unsure how to gauge in advance whether their hosts will be chill or homophobic. For non-LGBT travelers, few have to worry about preparing a contingency plan for their stay if an Airbnb host decides they don’t approve of their lifestyle.

Although Airbnb doesn’t tolerate discrimination, it’s quite difficult to monitor 1.5 millions listings across the world. Despite a recent video campaign promoting LGBT travel, discrimination still lingers even in countries that achieved marriage equality.

Thankfully, there are apps such as Wimbify and Misterbnb that solve this problem where they connect LGBT travelers with local LGBT hosts.

Wimbify’s co-founder and CEO Alessio Virgili, who was born and lives in Rome, told MTV News that he and his long-time partner were inspired to create the app when their lesbian couple friends were discriminated against when they scheduled a home-stay during their vacation. Wimbify’s market research shows that 53% of LGBT people travel alone at least once a year and that they want to be able to discover the gay scene of a destination, be able to go out with their partners without shame, and meet like-minded people in the local LGBT community.

“Sometimes, unfortunately, it is not easy to find information about the local gay scene, especially in destinations where the gay life is more underground,” said Virgili. “That’s why with Wimbify, you’re able to find more than just a safe place to stay — you’ll also be connected with a friendly LGBT host who’s eager to show you around.”

Similar to Wimbify, Misterbnb connects the global gay travel community, most recently opening in Belgium. The site is present in more than 130 countries with over 33,000 hosts offering homes to travelers.

Wimbify and Misterbnb are only currently available for iOS, however, there plans to support Android devices in the near future.


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