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Hillary Clinton and Ricky Martin Launches ‘LGBT for Hillary’

Posted on: December 23, 2015

Image: LGBT for Hillary

Image: LGBT for Hillary

On Monday, weeks ahead of the first 2016 presidential election contest in Iowa, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton officially launched her “LGBT for Hillary” campaign with Boricua singer Ricky Martin as an effort to rally LGBT voters. The 30-minute conference call with supporters kicked off the initiative, which aims to organize LGBT supporters to help push her campaign. Clinton praised the LGBT rights movement along with the U.S. Supreme Court for overturning the federal ban on gay marriage as a victory for progress in the United States.

“Even as we celebrate progress, nobody should forget how much work still lies ahead,” said Clinton. “That work isn’t finished until every single person, no matter who you are or who you love or where you live is treated with the equality and dignity that you all deserve.”

Also on the conference call were two celebrities and members of the LGBT community who’ve pledged to support Clinton as a part of her campaign: Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin, who came out in 2010, and legendary tennis player Billie Jean King.

“Listening to the Republican Party is the scariest thing that me as a gay man and a Latino man is facing at the moment. What happens with Hillary is that she makes me feel comfortable, she makes me feel protected. I listen to her on the debates, and she’s just real, she’s honest, she’s classy…and it makes me feel completely at ease when I listen to her speak. As a gay man, what she brings to the table is what I want for me, for my kids, for my family,” says Martin.

Billie Jean King will be joining Clinton to Iowa and New Hampshire to provide support for “LGBT for Hillary”.

“It’s an opportunity to bring all of ourselves, our heads, our hearts and our guts to making sure Hillary Clinton wins on Nov. 8. It is so important. We cannot take this lightly. We can never, ever underestimate our opponents, the Republicans, others, and any time you start to sit back and think it’s going to be easy, it’s not,” King said.

Clinton has more plans and policies related to the LGBT community and assures supporters to know “the issues you’re fighting for are not only central to my campaign, but they’re at the heart of everything I think we stand for as a country.”


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