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The Pride: An LGBT Comic Series For Everyone

Posted on: April 27, 2016


Despite the recent leaps and bounds (and a few bad stumbles) of progress for LGBT visibility and acceptance, mainstream editors, particularly in the locker room environment of superhero comics, are still saying that they don’t think it’s ‘time’ for a gay lead in major titles.

Joe Glass, writer, bisexual, and comic fan, disagrees. And in the vein of becoming the change he wants to see in the world, he’s been spearheading a team of artists from around the world in creating The Pride, a multi-title series about a super-team with real diversity, both of ethnicity and sexuality.

So far, the series has run for nine issues between two titles, and they have just completed a kickstarter to raise funds to publish a hardcover edition of all nine. Raising nearly double what he asked for, Glass sees himself ready to continue building on his idea, making it as representative as possible.

Story-wise, The Pride follows Fabman and his team, heroes chosen to fight for representation as much as justice in their community. It doesn’t shy away from using gay and queer stereotypes.

“Because we deserve a voice and representation too,” says Glass, who calls himself “pretty darn camp.”

Fabman, a muscled man in a pink super suit with a rainbow cape, definitely can be described as camp. But that’s part of his point. Glass didn’t want a character whose queerness was only if you knew their rarely mentioned backstory, or pushed to the background. There’s nothing secret about that side of the hero’s identity.

Contrary to those mainstream editors who killed titles like DC’s Midnighter, which also featured an openly gay hero, Glass is certain this is the time for characters like Fabman. When he was a teenager, he needed these stories, and readers today need them just as badly.


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