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After Louie: Exploring the History and Stories of the LGBT Community

Posted on: May 17, 2016


After Louie is another in the train of movies exploring the history and stories of the gay community as it stands today. Written by activist Vincent Gagliostro and actor Anthony Johnston, the movie aims to explore the disconnect between modern gay life and queer history through the character of Sam, a gay man struggling to understand where he and his community stand.

Alan Cummings has been cast to play Sam, a surprisingly big name for a project raising its funding via Kickstarter. Cummings has also donated personal artwork as incentives to help fuel the fundraising. The project is obviously personal for the bisexual actor, who currently lives in London with his husband, Grant Shaffer.

It is a passion work for writer Gagliostro, too. A lifelong gay rights activist, he was named a decade ago by New York Magazine as one of the six most influential members of the gay community during the AIDS crisis of the 80s and 90s. The character Sam is clearly a contemporary of his, a survivor of that same crisis, struggling to deal with the younger generation of the gay community.

“My film After Louie is a portrait of what happened to us — the generation who endured the AIDS epidemic, a generation whose shared history continues to haunt us,” said Gagliostro in his director’s statement on Kickstarter. “In confronting the end of a traumatic era and provoking a conversation between generations, I dare us to dream of a new and vibrant future, again.”

After Louie, if it raises the money it needs, will be a feature-length film. But as of the time of this writing, they are only ten percent of the way towards their goal. To support this project or just to learn more, click here.


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