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Ex-US Marine Saved Many Lives in Orlando Massacre

Posted on: June 17, 2016

Image via Imran Yousuf was working as a bouncer at the Pulse night club catering to the gay community in Orlando, Florida.

Image via Imran Yousuf was working as a bouncer at the Pulse night club catering to the gay community in Orlando, Florida.

Imran Yousuf hasn’t worked at Pulse nightclub long. Now a bouncer, only a few weeks ago he was a technician in the United States Marine Corps. According to the Marine Corps Times, he left the military as a sergeant with the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, the Korean Defense Service Medal, a Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, and, from his 2011 active duty deployment, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal.

Now, he wears one more title.

American hero.

Long before dawn on the morning of Sunday, June 12th, Yousuf was working his new job as one of Pulse’s bouncers, watching a back passageway, when he heard a sound that he knew from his previous career – the cracks of a high caliber weapon.

Club-goers fleeing the gunfire immediately packed the passageway, but didn’t know where to go from there. Yousuf forced his way through a stunned crowd to open the locked back door, creating an exit that allowed 60 or 70 (by his estimate) to escape the club. There is no doubt that without his quick thinking, more would have died.

“I wish I could have saved more,” he told CBS in a brief, emotional interview. “…There’s a lot of people that are dead.”

Among the dead are two of Yousuf’s coworkers at Pulse, including fellow bouncer Kimberly Morris and bartender Deonka Drayton,

He believes his actions were instinctive, not heroic, but there are undoubtedly 70 or so people who disagree. To the flood of support he’s received on Facebook, including comments,prayers, and offers of donations, he has urged to keep their focus on the victims and the wounded.

But it’s a comment from one of his former Marine comrades on his facebook that sums up what the world is thinking. His service nickname was “Useless” (Based on Yousuf, not a comment about his skills), but now they’d have to change it, now that he’s “A God**** hero.”


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