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#QueerSelfLove Shows Diversity of LGBTQ Community

Posted on: June 23, 2016

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Dylan Marron is one of those individuals dedicated to being the change he wants to see in the world. He is the creator of “Every Single Word,” a series of videos highlighting the deafening silence of people of color in popular films, and “Sitting in Bathrooms with Trans People,” a platform for trans people to talk about their lives and issues.

In the stunned aftermath of the Orlando shootings of June 12th, he spoke out again, creating the hashtag #queerselflove, a space meant for people of all persuasions of LGBT to tell the world who they are and what they love about themselves.

“I am a soft-spoken brown queer man who wears his mother’s pearl earrings. And I love my queerneess. Let’s start a #queerselflove hashtag.” (@dylanmarron, 14 June)

It was picked up immediately by Cecil Baldwin, his co-star in the cult-popular podcast series “Welcome to Nightvate.”

“I am a skinny, hairy HIV+ gay man who smokes pot and battles with anxiety… And I love my queerness! #queerselflove” tweeted Baldwin.

From them, the hashtag has spread widely, with thousands of LGBT people worldwide sharing brief, glowing messages about themselves, lights against the dark of recent news. By June 15th, the hashtag was on Twitter’s trending list. Messages have poured in about it saving lives, easing pain, and being a comfort to people in need. Many have included pictures of themselves and their significant others, every one with a smile.

Dylan Marron is a gift that keeps on giving. As he does his best to highlight as many of the responses to his hashtag as he can, he brings together every facet of the queer community. Just scrolling down his page, it’s full of queer faces. Lesbian, bi, pan, gay, trans, nonbinary, and every nationality imaginable.

We shouldn’t let #queerselflove fade away. Keep telling the world what we love about ourselves.


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