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Pope Francis is Not an LGBT Ally

Posted on: October 13, 2016

A photo of Pope Francis.

Photo credit: softdelusion66 / Shutterstock

Pope Francis, despite a reputation as being the “cool” Pope for the Roman Catholic Church, has always been more accepting of the LGBT community in theory than in practice. Even as he’s preached increased tolerance, he’s done so in a “hate the sin, not the sinner” way that is not truly accepting. And recently, he’s been extending that to the transgender populace as well.

He’s claimed that transgender people are waging a “world war against marriage” without providing any particular reasons why, and believes that teaching any kind of gender theory in schools is a form of indoctrination. Specifically, he called it “ideological colonization.” Which is particularly rich, coming from the head of the Catholic Church.

His “coolness” with LGBT people begins and ends with his stance that clergy should not refuse to minister to queer people. It’s hard to see that as acceptance, coming hand-in-hand with his belief that any discussion of gender identity is telling children they can “choose” their gender, which he called terrible.

In practice, that puts LGBT churchgoers right alongside murderers and habitual criminalssinners forever, but still attended to by the church.

After the shootings at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Pope Francis was one of the voices that joined an international song of support for the queer community. At the time, he said that gays were owed an apology by Christians for the long history between the two groups. No one could disagree with him. But his recent comments seem to illustrate that he does not quite understand just what the Church needs to apologize for.

Also demonstrated is how important it is for the dialogue between LGBT leaders and the Church, or all churches really, needs to make certain to feature transgender people, their needs, and their history. All too often, they’re left out of the discussion to avoid “complicating” it, and this needs to end.


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