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Democrats Aren’t Being Big Babies; They’re Legitimately Scared

Posted on: November 11, 2016

A photo of protesters holding up numerous anti-Trump signs.

Photo credit: mikeledray / Shutterstock

On Friday, Fox News hosted a segment in which Judge Jeanine Pirro gave her take on Trump protestors. When hosts asserted that college students needed “hot cocoa, safe spaces, and therapy dogs to hug because of the election” Pirro erupted in laughter.

“I just think they ought to get over it, you know?” Pirro stated. “The idea of safe spaces, and therapy dogs, and crayons, and delaying, you know, exams—I mean, you know. Just get a life, get a job, get over it.”

Across the board, conservatives are treating this like it’s a joke. But here’s a question I would love to ask Mrs. Pirro:

Would you have told Civil Rights activists to just “get over it”?

Before anyone argues that these two things are not the same, let me explain to you how they’re similar. It didn’t take long after Trump was elected president for the KKK to announce a victory parade. Yep, that’s right, the Loyal White Knights of Pelham, North Carolina posted on their website that they would be celebrating Trump’s victory.

And no, this isn’t just some isolated incident. Several Klan groups have endorsed Donald Trump, including infamous former Klan leader David Duke. And it took Donald Trump way longer than it ever should have to denounce Duke’s support.

But do you know what’s different this time around? It’s not just blacks that are being targeted; it’s Mexicans, it’s Muslims, it’s gay people, it’s trans people, it’s women. And it’s not all just talk.

A Muslim student at San Diego State University claimed that two men made derogatory comments about Muslims and Trump before robbing her. At York County School of Technology in York, PA, students strode down the hallway with a Trump sign as they proudly proclaimed, “white power.”

It’s not funny, it’s not a joke, and people aren’t being “big babies” for fearing for their lives. Have people seriously forgotten that at one point in our history, people were actually killed because of the color of their skin? What a privilege it must be to disregard that portion of history.


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