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Trans Girl Next Door

Posted on: November 17, 2016

A comic drawing of two transgender men.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Kylie Summer Wu is the latest comic artist picked up by the San Francisco alternative newspaper SF Weekly. Her comic Trans Girl Next Door is of the non-sequitor life commentary style, ranging from stoic to hysterical to nonsensical. They are also usually specifically about her life as a transgender woman and a woman of color. Her art style is simple and emotional.

Wu, who lives in West Los Angeles, uses clever imagery to talk about the reality of her body in a work-safe manner, using images of bananas and elephants to good effect with no need of explanation. Her comics are cheerful and amusing, even as they muse on the ways hetero- and cisnormativity impinge upon her life. She’s done strips on the laws and controversy in North Carolina, the awkward conversations with coworkers when they joke about transgender people in other countries, and grandkid-hungry parents.

Her comic, which is also available on her website, will be in each issue alongside the magazine’s two other new comic offerings, Jay Duret’s The Week in Review and Dami Lee’s Hot Comics for Cool People.

Her new syndication is not Wu’s only accolade as an artist. She was listed in 2015’s Trans 100, a list of trans men and women and nonbinary people contributing to society in the United States. She also made an appearance in Elite Daily’s 2015 list of 10 most powerful trans millenials, alongside big names like Laverne Cox and Janet Mock. Both lists come out in November, and she can be expected to be on both again.

This November, which by the way, is Transgender Awareness month, pick up a copy of SF Weekly if you live in the area, or visit her page if you’re not, and get a glimpse into the daily life of the Trans Girl Next Door.


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