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LGBTQ+ Clergy Concerned About Trump Presidency

Posted on: December 16, 2016

A rainbow flag with a crucifix on the front.

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Although he himself has stated that he’s “fine” with the 2015 Supreme Court decision that allowed same-sex couples to marry across the country, Trump has been appointing many anti-LGBTQ+ people to his cabinet and other important positions. Overall, Trump won 81% of the white, evangelical Christian vote, which will most likely leave him obligated to actually hold up some of his promises to that demographic.

And that leaves a lot of people, not the least of which are LGBTQ+ clergy, with some serious concerns. While we generally hear more about clergy who are opposed to LGBTQ+ rights, there are a number of clergy out there who support the community and are even members of it.

For them, these are dark times. They have to help members of their church or temple come to grips with some very dangerous threats to the community, while also having to figure out how to deal with those threats themselves.

Still, the LGBTQ+ rabbis, ministers, and other religious leaders in the country aren’t going to give up hope any time soon. After all, they wouldn’t be in these positions if they gave up hope that easily.

The LGBTQ+ community has been fighting tooth and nail for equality and a lot of the resistance to that fight has come from “religious” arguments. This means that those in the community who now serve as religious leaders have had to fight even harder than most.

While Trump’s election isn’t likely to result in the expulsion of LGBTQ+ clergy, because that simply isn’t something that the government has any say over whatsoever, it has emboldened people to express their bigotry with far less fear of reprisal. That’s something that could very well get worse after Trump actually takes office. But these pro-LGBTQ+ clergy members will continue to preach love and acceptance regardless of what happens.


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