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Senators Casey and Booker Urge LGBTQ+ Community to Organize

Posted on: February 10, 2017

A protest held in support of LGBT individuals and others affected by the Trump administration.

Photo courtesy of mathiaswasik at Flickr Creative Commons.

According to Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, Trump’s use of power in the White House is working to “galvanize the outrage” of people who voted against him, who will be harmed by his actions, or who have realized that they made a mistake in voting for him. “People are activated and ready to fight back,” he said, while meeting with New Jersey Senator Corey Booker in Philadelphia.

The two senators were meeting with LGBTQ+ activists in the city to make the point that the community needs to come together and stand against any anti-LGBTQ+ actions taken by Trump’s administration or by Congress. They were careful to remind listeners that 25 Senate seats, currently held by Democrats, are up for election in 2018.

If Democrats lose even eight of those seats, they won’t be able to stop the Republicans when they band together. They won’t even be able to filibuster.

The senators have some good advice. The LGBTQ+ community hasn’t been directly attacked yet, but it’s still very early in this administration, with it’s willingness to ignore the judicial branch and it’s nearly unchecked support from the legislative branch. Trump wasted no time on his “Muslim ban” or his wall on the Mexican border, so there’s no reason to think he won’t take action against the community as well, especially with a notoriously homophobic vice president and advisers who support neo-Nazis.

The community is sure to face threats from the current federal government, perhaps the most anti-LGBTQ+ government in American history, and the only way to face that is to stick together. But the senators made a point that the community is not alone, and has to work together with others. Women’s rights and immigrant rights are LGBTQ+ rights as well, and it is only through building a coalition, a unified front, that any marginalized people will come out of this okay.


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