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Military Hero Assaulted for Being Gay

Posted on: January 17, 2018

Rainbow-colored dog tags imposed on an American flag background.

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Charles William Davis II joined the U.S. Army straight out of high school, in 1999. He went on five deployments in the next thirteen years. It was not until his fifth, his third trip to Afghanistan in 2012, that he got to live genuinely as himself while under the stress of war.

That’s because Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed during his fourth deployment, in 2010.

Davis earned three Bronze Star Medals for exemplary service and rose to the rank of senior intelligence sergeant. But if he had come out before that repeal, that record would not have mattered—he would have been discharged and lost the career he committed himself to. The Army also would have lost his worth as an asset.

Davis is now officially out of the closet. He says that he enjoys the support of his entire command structure and that despite what opponents said, his sexuality has caused no rift between himself and his fellow soldiers.

But that’s not what four men saw when they encountered him outside a bar in December last year. Davis was waiting for a taxi after an evening drinking with a fellow soldier near his Fort Bliss base when four men started shouting slurs.

The men left, then two more men approached and a fight ensued. The first four returned, and six on two, the strangers carried out a beating on Davis and his friend. His friend wound up in the base ICU. Davis was only bashed up.

The officer who took Davis’s report checked “no” on the form where it asked if the attack might be motivated by hate or bias.

For Davis, worse than the attack itself is the suspicion that his attackers (at least the four who began by heckling him) were fellow soldiers. No one he knew, but he thought they had the look.

“How they looked, their demeanor, their haircuts, the way they carried themselves, the way they dressed… I just think they were were possibly military,” he told The Daily Beast.


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